Senior Manager/Vice-President (New Brunswick)
Turner Drake & Partners Ltd.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity!

Join us: there are challenges to meet, opportunities to be seized, horizons to conquer; be part of the excitement! Four decades ago we started with a simple vision: (1) be the benchmark by which others are measured, (2) offer clients a unique product whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To do so, we assembled a multi-disciplinary team, with diverse but complimentary skills, created a common training program (built around the University of British Columbia’s real estate degree and 27 in-house training modules), nurtured a collegiate culture of working together, developed an industry leading IT system, and implemented an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality control system company-wide. We invest in people; they truly are our greatest asset.

From our headquarters in Halifax we undertake assignments from British Columbia to Newfoundland and all provinces in-between. Help us continue the journey, let your interests and ambition take you to new frontiers and successes! Until now we have staffed all our offices from Halifax… now we are enhancing our local presence by building out our New Brunswick operation.  We are seeking a Senior Manager/Vice-President to make the project his/her own. This isn’t a typical appraisal or property tax position grinding out cookie cutter assignments. We need somebody with vision who can see the forest, not just the trees. A professional focused on assisting clients meet their strategic goals, not just their immediate needs. We’ve already developed the tools and skills; now we seek a high caliber individual capable of implementing and replicating them in a local setting. In the initial stages you will be able to leverage our decades of experience in real estate consulting to build out the office by drawing on the support of the entire firm; a group of professionals and resources painstakingly assembled, a smorgasbord of complementary skills whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts, able to provide clients with unique, seamless, solutions: Valuation & Appraisal, Property Tax, Planning, Economic Intelligence (Geographic Information Systems), Counselling (Infrastructure Acquisition, First Nations’ Land Claims, Major Projects), LasercadÒ Space Measurement, Brokerage (Sales & Leasing). Check our corporate web site and our specialist sites,,, for a more detailed look at us.

Skills and Qualifications

You will be an Accredited Appraiser (AACI), Chartered Surveyor (F/MRICS) or Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with several years’ experience under your belt currently living in, or interested in moving to, New Brunswick. (Our office is situated in Saint John but we will move it to Moncton or Fredericton as required). Preferably bi-lingual in English and French, you will have managerial experience and entrepreneurial flair: a strong desire to create something of which you can be proud, and will enjoy the responsibility and challenges that flow from it. You will value the security of a salary but will gain satisfaction from enjoying a portion of the profits that your office generates. You will have a genuine interest in people, be a good listener and communicator, an excellent networker, and be comfortable conversing with your peers and those senior or junior in age to yourself. You will be a strong negotiator, preferably with a university level course in the subject. You will be at ease conversing with CEO's, mechanics, construction workers or budding entrepreneurs. You will enjoy building relationships through problem solving. You will be interested in a career rather than just a job, something that will get you up on the morning with a spring in your step. You will prefer to work in a team environment, with colleagues who share your enthusiasm. You will have a keen interest in the welfare of colleagues who report to you and will take “ownership” of their training and career advancement. You will enjoy variety and merit the respect of your peers and those colleagues who report to you. You will have an eye for detail, be thorough, trustworthy, energetic, reliable and will benefit from the opinions of your colleagues. You will have an enquiring and open mind coupled with a sense of humour.

While the exigencies of some assignments may sometimes require work outside normal office hours it is our view that this should be the exception rather than the rule: we believe strongly in a civilised work-life balance and conduct the firm’s operations accordingly.

Operating Model

We have been operating electronically for decades: we installed our first computer terminal in 1978, started working remotely in the early 1980s, and our files have been electronic since 1990. When the pandemic burst onto the scene we pivoted seamlessly to working from home. However, we recognise that work of a creative or collaborative nature benefits from personal interaction, ideas are frequently the result of chance meetings, impromptu remarks and the accidental clash of opinion. The ability to readily bounce ideas off colleagues often opens up the pathway to a more optimum solution and relieves “writer’s block”. Social interaction with peers reduces stress, and the opportunity to leave the workday behind after leaving the office is important to a civilised work-life balance. We pass this way once and family time lost to work can never be recovered. Work should be enjoyable, satisfying, social, enable self-esteem and contribute to society, as well as providing financial support for oneself and family. Our operating model is therefore firmly “office based” with the flexibility to work remotely when the situation demands it.

We envisage that “back office” services such as Accounting, Secretarial Support, Telephone Answering, Information Technology, Policies and Procedures, Model Reports, etc. will be supplied by our Halifax office using our existing IT systems. Some functions such as Marketing will be shared jointly by Halifax and New Brunswick. This will leave the Senior Manager/Vice-President free to focus on growing the NB office.

The Halifax office will provide technical and professional support to the NB office where this is required.

The Sexy Stuff

To give you a flavor of our firm we asked the members of our professional staff who had recently joined us after university what they enjoyed most about their careers with us. This is what they said:

“What I like most about the job is that I’ve only been working full-time for just over a month and I have already been given the chance to do work on my own, which gave me a sense of pride and felt rewarding. It’s something that I never thought that I would be doing (a career in real estate) but have found it very interesting and I am always learning new things”.

“Dealing directly with business owners … ability to be autonomous in my work … having the breadth of knowledge in the different Divisions means that I’ve got access to colleagues who provide advice on so many facets of real estate: it would probably take three to four companies to amass the same type of exposure to these types of people if I hadn’t come to Turner Drake. At my former employer (a bank) we also spanned several Divisions but generally the physical separation of employees prevented a lot of exposure to different business lines”.

“The workload is always changing and evolving. The knowledge base which we are surrounded by is incredible and always available to us. We can walk across the hall and get advice from some of the industry’s leading consultants while also having in-house training modules and post-secondary studies provided by the company … The training schedule provides structure and motivation looking forward to the future”.

“One of the benefits that I saw in working here when I was first starting out was the opportunity to be mentored by some of the most highly-educated and well-respected individuals in the industry (all of whom ultimately proved most generous in sharing their time and expertise). I also saw real estate consultancy to be a unique application of the skills I’d acquired at Dal – it combined them in a way that other disciplines I’d considered did not.”

“I think a main benefit of working here is that you are able to learn a new field through on the job experience and the knowledge of senior staff and through education, the UBC courses. It is an opportunity to continue your education with a company that is willing to invest in you while gaining experience in a competitive field.”

“The ability to work independently and take a project from start to finish. I really enjoy the fact that I may be analyzing the cash flows from an office building one day and inspecting a shipyard the next.”


This is a salaried position, with a benefits and pension package (after a vesting period), together with a share of the office profits and retained earnings.

Enjoy a central urban office location and an office culture that promotes a professional and civilised work-life balance.

Commencement Date

Our focus is on finding the right candidate. Whilst we have a current need, we will take the time and provide the flexibility if the talent is worth it.


Submit your CV (with proof of your professional qualifications) together with a letter (≥ 500 words) explaining why you believe you are suited for this position to:

M.B. Turner, B. Comm., BBRE, MRICS, MAI, AACI
Turner Drake & Partners Ltd.
Real Estate Counsellors
6182 North Street
Halifax NS B3K 1P5

Please feel free to direct any enquiries to Mark Turner (902) 429-1811 Ext. 325 or toll free (800) 567-3033 Ext. 325.


All enquiries and applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Closing Date:

Applicants will be evaluated and interviewed as they apply. The posting will be closed when the position is filled.